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Hey everyone! This is the place to get to know your webmistress Ashley a little bit better. I hope you Edgeheads (and everyone else) find what you're looking for!

"Aboot" Ashley

Name: Ashley Michelle

Birthday: September 21st

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Homeotwn: Nashville, Tennessee

Nicknames: Trish Stratus, Jennifer Lopez (because of my ass), Mrs. Elf (by Kris and her mom, since they think Edge looks like an Elf...don't ask), Ash,Goddess, Edge's Mistress, Mrs. Copeland, Adam's Little Pony Rider (only by Kris!)Latina Heat (same reason why I get called Jennifer Lopez), and many more.....

Tattoos: One of a blue rose on my lower back

Piercings: My ears (4 times), and I'm going to get my belly button pierced


Wrestler: EDGE!!!! (duh)

Finishing moves: The Downward Spiral, Unprettier, Swanton Bomb, and the Loinsault

Food: Cheese pizza, Mexican food, and Italian food..all WITHOUT meat of course!

Drink: Mountian Dew and the Nashville Arena's lemon drink

Singers: Selena, Jennifer Lopez, Alanis Morissette, Sebastian Bach (of Skid Row), OutKast, Kid Rock, Jewel, Pat Benatar, Janet Jackson, Celine Dion, Bill Engvall (Here's Your Sign...), Usher, and many more...

Bands: Bon Jovi (the best!), Guns N Roses, No Doubt, Fozzy, Aerosmith, Boyz 2 Men, Life House, Matchbox 20, Creed, Limp Bizkit, Bush, and my favorite of all time....the Backstreet Boys (HAHAHAHAHAHA...JUST KIDDING!!!)

Color: red, purple, and black

Song: "Bed of Roses", "Always", and "I'll Be There For You" all by Bon Jovi, "Shadows of the Night" by Pat Benatar, and "I'll Remember You" by Skid Row, and "If You're Gone" by Matchbox 20, and "Angel" by Shaggy....

Quote: "I'll take DUH for 200 please..." -Edge and "Viva La Essa Rios!"- Edge

Sport: Hockey....NJ Devils all the way baby!

Movie: Highlander: End Game (Adam so totally stole the show), Interview With the Vampire, Romeo and Juliet (1996), Selena, Can't Hardly Wait, Austin Power 1 and 2, Lost Boys, Dirty Dancing, Bring It On, Me Myself and Irene, Scarey Movie, Miss Congeniality (THE BEST!), and a few more...

TV Shows: all of WWF shows, MTV Cribs, and the Simpsons

Actress/Actor: Sandra Bullock/Jennifer Lopez and Brendan Fraser/Edge/Jon Bon Jovi

Hobbies: Edge, wrestling, laughing, listening to music, wrestling, Edge, and did I mention wrestling and Edge??

Car: Silver BMW (like the James Bond has in the new movies), PT Crusier, and a Ford Explorer

Fast Food: Taco Bell baby!
WF Diva: Trish Stratus...she so kicks ass....I guess Tori and Chyna are cool too, but Trish Rocks!

Animals: Big Cats....and Huskies (I luv you Moncota!)!!


Val Venis....Val you suck!


Matt Hardy

Lita and Matt kissing...NASTY...

Posers...*cough* Carson Daily...*cough*


Napster Haters

Snakes and Sharks